Bookkeeping & Payroll Manager, Plymouth

Alyssa works as a Bookkeeping & Payroll Manager at Vet Partners in Plymouth. She enjoys getting to know clients and patients, and helping them live their best lives together. She feels very lucky to be able to get to know the pets throughout their lives.

Before working at Vet Partners, Alyssa worked in various areas of the pet care industry, veterinary medicine, and boarding. Most recently she worked at a veterinary clinic for 6+ years before joining the Vet Partners Plymouth team.

In her free time Alyssa can be found at home with her dogs and husband or out with friends and family enjoying good food and loud conversation.

Bio Photos Plymouth 3-26-21-4

Little Known Talents:

Ridiculously good memory, especially for things friends wish I would forget

Obsessive knowledge about everything dog and a strong opinion that sighthounds are the best group

Cross stitching pretty flowers in conjunction with sarcastic sayings

Keys to Alyssa’s Heart:

Food: Steak and potatoes

Music: Soundtracks of musicals

Experience: Broadway plays

Animal: Domestic – dog, Wild – bear


Artemis: 8 year old retired racing Greyhound – She is the princess of the house and humans are meant to serve her. She is extremely protective of mom and always knows where she is. Running was never her thing, she is much more suited to lounge on the couch and wait for treats to be brought to her in tribute.

Newt: 18 month old Borzoi – Newt is a giant baby and still figuring out what to do with his long legs. He loves playing with his two girlfriends and trying to get Artemis to chase him. He does not know he is supposed to be a giant dog, he thinks he belongs in mom’s lap as much as possible.

Mimmie (AKA Mad Madam Mim): 11 year old Cocker Spaniel – Mimmie is the constant shadow you forget you have, though every once in a while she makes her presence known by scratching your leg for pets. She is a total daddy’s girl and loves ear rubs from him. She is a sweet, well-mannered old lady.