Clinic Cat, Apple Valley

Dru became our clinic cat when her owner surrendered her to us. She was having issues urinating in her litterbox and needed a special diet to help her manage her allergies. Since then, she has been eating a hydrolyzed protein and urinary diet and has had no issues!

Dru has been a joy to have in the clinic – a much needed sassy girl to keep us all in check and remind us who is really in charge of things around here. She’s our favorite diva and we wouldn’t trade her for any other cat!

Dru 6(1)

Little Known Talents:

Sitting just out of reach of dogs that want to play with her

Hiding in cabinets

Taking naps behind computers

Keys to Dru’s Heart:

Food: Catnip. Salmon & Shrimp

Experience: Catnip. Good ear and chin scratches