Certified Veterinary Technician, Apple Valley

Sarah works as a Certified Veterinary Technician at our Apple Valley hospital. Sarah’s favorite part of her job is meeting so many new furry friends and helping to keep them healthy! She has special interest in dentistry and anesthesia.

Before working at Vet Partners, Sarah got her AAS from Argosy University in veterinary technology. She has worked in equine, general practice, and specialty clinic setting in dentistry/surgery. She loves continuing to grow her education. Sarah also has her certification as a Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional through AAFP

In her free time, Sarah loves spending time with her husband and fur-kids, horseback riding, painting, photography, and gardening. Her goal is to travel to every continent in the world (especially Antarctica).

Team Photos - Spring - Sarah

Little Known Talents:

 Makes the best chocolate chip cookies

Double jointed Arms

Can trip over nothing

Keys to Sarah’s Heart:

Food: Dark chocolate and red wine

Experience: Good conversations and kissing puppy noses


Rookie: The snuggle mutt with the best ears in town. Rookie is a nervous rescue that sticks to Sarah like a shadow, but is slowly coming out of his shell and showing off his silly and sweet personality.

Lilly: Black Newfoundland – Obsessed with balls and water. She has even jumped off a cliff to go swimming (much to her humans’ horror).

Swarley: Brown/White Newfoundland Puppy – His loving nickname is “Little Monster” and is training to become an AKC canine good citizen (like his big sister, Lilly).

Lana: Looks like a Nebelung cat, but is really just a kitten from a horse barn. She is silly, playful, and never stops purring. She loves to sit on the deck in the sun.

Ari: Rescue Bengal from Colorado – Ari loves to talk and ride on the backs of humans (she is the Queen of the house). She moved to Minnesota with Sarah’s husband and meowed the whole 14 hour drive!

Ellie (NW Wildcard): Loves to GO-GO-GO! Sarah and Ellie compete in endurance riding and have ridden up to 85 miles in competition. Their goal is to complete a 100 mile competition in under 24 hours.