C A S S I E   N A P P E R

Practice Manager, Apple Valley

Cassie works as a Practice Manager at our Apple Valley hospital. As a practice manager, she splits her time between helping our 4 legged friends, assisting clients, and managing the business. Cassie’s favorite part of her job is educating clients, helping pets stay healthy, or being there in their time of need.

Before coming to Vet Partners, Cassie obtained a degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in Equine. She has worked as a manager of an equine facility, nutritional sales distribution representative, and veterinary assistant before becoming a practice manager.

In her free time, Cassie can be found roaming her 33 acres looking at wildlife, 4-wheeling on local trails, or enjoying a quiet night in watching the Great British Bake Off. She also likes to explore state and national parks.


Little Known Talents:

Will sing karaoke given the chance.

Listens to multiple conversations at once

Can wake up most of the time without an alarm clock

Keys to Cassie’s Heart:

Food: Carbohydrates or black licorice

Music: Anything with a good beat

Experience: Getting to camp and explore national parks

Animal: Sloths


Oliver: Bassett Hound – Has trained the family to give him lots of belly rubs.  He enjoys sleeping, carrots, and belly rubs.

Zozo: Rescue pup – Enjoys running around the house and trying to play with Oliver. When Oliver doesn’t want to play, she will find anything to chew on.