Veterinary Assistant, Edina

Charlotte works as a Veterinary Assistant at our Edina hospital. Charlotte’s favorite part of her job is working with amazing coworkers and even better patients!

Charlotte works at Vet Partners during the summer and is currently studying animal science, pre-vet at Iowa State University the rest of the year. She hopes to apply to vet school soon! Charlotte interned at Vet Partners in the summer of 2020 before being brought on as a veterinary assistant in the summer of 2021.

In her free time, Charlotte can be found eating Ben and Jerry’s and watching Star Wars or Harry Potter.


Little Known Talents:

Can knit a baby hat in 30 minutes!

Can mouth along with just about any 80s rom-com

Has a really good memory (with weird things like license plates)

Keys to Charlotte’s Heart:

Food: Ice cream & Dean’s French onion dip (not together though)

Music: Any kind of dance or sing along song

Experience: Concert or movie night!

Animal: Snakes


Cruz: Rhodesian Ridgeback mix – Cruz is a rescue from Second Hand Hounds and is the princess of the family. She enjoys soft blankies, pup cups and playing with her best friend Stanley, the basset hound across the street. Fun fact about Cruz – she doesn’t give kisses! She is super affectionate but prefers snuggles to kisses.