D R . J O   D A N E Y

Associate DVM, Edina

Dr. Daney works as a veterinarian at our Edina hospital. Her special interests include emergency medicine, internal medicine, and radiology. Dr. Daney’s favorite part of her job is connecting with her clients and pets, dancing with puppies, and giving out treats for being adorable.

Before working at Vet Partners, Dr. Daney obtained her undergraduate degree in biology from Macalester College. She received her doctorate of veterinary medicine from the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Daney completed a small animal rotating internship at Veterinary Specialty Center in Washington State. After her internship, she started her career as an emergency veterinarian at Animal Emergency Referral Center in Oakdale, MN, and she still works relief there.

In her free time she loves going to trivia, frequenting local breweries and restaurants, traveling, hiking, bird watching, and kickboxing.

Team Photos - Edina 2021-13

Little Known Talents:

Being covered in cat hair no matter how hard she tries to not be

N64 Mariokart Queen

Keys to Dr. Daney’s Heart:

Food: Most food! Ice cream is a favorite special treat.

Music: Run the Jewels, Prince, and Bon Iver.

Animal: Giraffes, otters, raccoons, tigers, foxes, and bears.


Connor James: Short-haired tabby – Most loyal and tiny-headed feline companion (short haired tabby). Destroyer of everything. Lover of food and snuggles.

Finnegan: Medium-Haired Tabby – Fluffiest and sweetest feline companion. Prone to random bouts of screaming. Lover of all people.

Henry: German Shepherd x Husky mix -Handsome and stubborn canine companion. Loves squeaky tennis balls and sighing dramatically.