Practice Manager

Karen works as the Practice Manager at our Minneapolis hospital. She strives to make sure the pets have the best care possible while at the hospital.

Before working at Vet Partners, Karen was a practice manager at a busy pet hospital, but traded her corporate job, because the small business mentality aligned with her values and purpose. She is a Certified Veterinary Technician and has worked in small animal veterinary practice since 2009.

In her free time, Karen can be found hanging with her dogs, relaxing, and exploring all the fun Minneapolis has to offer.

Team Photos - MPLS 2021-18

Little Known Talents:

Befriending and calming nervous dogs

Loves to laugh

Craft brewery enthusiast

Keys to Karen’s Heart:

Food: Cheeseburgers

Music: Love it all – too hard to choose!

Experience: Traveling to Hawaii

Animal: Small dogs


Olivia: Papillon – The first of the doggie crew and rules the house with her fancy royal papillon personality.

Boy: He is a classic first time foster fail. He is a professional man of leisure and exert pillow rest to anyone in need.

Faith: Came from a reservation in South Dakota in the middle of winter, along with her five newborn puppies. Once all of Faith’s pups were adopted, Faith decided she would adopt all of us as her new family. She enjoys chasing rabbits and squirrels and taking warm comfy naps on the couch.

Spawn: Tiny Chihuahua/Min Pin Mix – He has no idea how tiny he is. He keeps the house safe with his vigilant patrolling and is happy when anyone shares some body heat warmth during a snuggle.