Certified Veterinary Technician, Plymouth

Kelly works as a Certified Veterinary Technician at our Plymouth hospital. Kelly’s favorite part of her job is getting to pet all the floofs that come in.

Before working at Vet Partners, Kelly held a variety of jobs at Walt Disney World and the Boys & Girls Clubs of MN. With a little encouragement from her husband, she chose to go back to school for Veterinary Technology because of her life-long love of animals.

In her “free time”, Kelly is a stay at home mom to Emmet and her cat Vince.


Little Known Talents:

Hodgepodge crafting, because it’s fun to take everyday items and make them into something else

Making entire costumes out of felt and duct tape

Knowledge about sharks – borderline obsession

Keys to Kelly’s Heart:

Food: Cheese

Music: Carbon Leaf

Animal: Sharks. Cats. Dogs. Lizards.


Vince: Vince is a 13 year old orange and white big hunk of love (15#)! He is a very dog-like cat! He is an indoor/outdoor kitty that is trained to use Invisible Fencing (and kitty doors on the human house) and is friends with many dogs that pass by on walks.