Chief Operations Officer
Plymouth Hospital, Brew Park, and Pet Retreat

Kirsten works as the Chief Operations Officer at Plymouth Vet Partners Pet Hospital, Pet Retreat, & Brew Park, as well as the Treasurer for Vet Partners Cares. Kirsten’s favorite part of her job is solving accounting issues while holding pets!

Before working at Vet Partners, Kirsten managed a restaurant and fostered many cats with a local rescue.

In her free time, Kirsten loves goofing off with her husband, gardening, hiking, camping, kayaking, and enjoying all the awesome scenery Minnesota has to offer.


Little Known Talents:

Incredible spacial perception from years of playing Tetris.

Can always find the most expensive thing in Goodwill in under 30 seconds.

Set fire to multiple kitchens

Keys to Kirsten’s Heart:

Food: Olives, steak, cheese, veggies, ice cream.

Music: Good ol’ 90’s alternative

Experience: Zip-lining in the rain forest in St. Lucia. I’m terrified of heights so I’m pretty proud for working up the nerve to actually do it.

Animal: Ostriches. Because I, too, have a grumpy resting face.


Edgrr Allan Meow: DSH Tabby – Edgrr is my oldest and smartest. We had to get child locks on the cabinets because of him, and he figured those out, too.

Dizzabelle: DSH Tabby – Acquired by guilting my boyfriend (now husband) into getting a second cat. Karma came around because she likes him way better than me.

Gizmo: DSH Tabby – Gizmo was a foster that was expected to pass away due to an illness we couldn’t figure out. My husband and I adopted him so he would have a “real” home before that day came. Fortunately, Dr. Woodward figured out what was wrong with him and now he’s 4!

Daisy: DSH Gray Tabby –  Daisy was a foster that was unadoptable due to being born feral and not adapting well. She bonded to Edgrr, so the rescue let us keep her rather than make her a barn cat. She gets better every day and actually comes to us for pets now.

Wilhelmina: DLH Gray – Another foster fail. Our trophy cat. We didn’t need another cat, but LOOK AT HER!

Daphne: Cat/Black and White Party Cow – Technically a foster fail. No one wanted her because she doesn’t like to be held. She’s the life of the party – loves any toy we buy her, tearing through the house at high speeds, begging for pats when you’re trying to sleep, and picking on the boy cats.