Certified Veterinary Technician, Plymouth

Lisa works as a Certified Veterinary Technician at our Plymouth hospital. Lisa’s favorite part of her job is knowing that we’re doing our best for all pets by educating owners and helping keep pets healthy.

Before working at Vet Partners, Lisa went to school at Argosy University. She chose the veterinary field because she loves animals and grew up with them. They have always given so much to her, now she wants to give back to them.

In her free time, Lisa enjoys reading books, writing, or doing outdoor activities with her 3 dogs; hiking, biking, walks, and going to the dog parks.

Vet Partners Pet Hospital - Sabrina Reis Photography - 63

Little Known Talents:

– Sleep for 12+ hours

– Cook or bake

– Write books or short stories

Keys to Lisa’s Heart:

Food: Watermelon

Music: Country

Experience: Anything outdoors except for camping

Animal: Puppies & dogs


Ivy: German Shepherd –

Rex: Long Hair German Shepherd –

Chubby Lovey: Pitt Bull –