Veterinary Technician, Minneapolis

Megan works as a Veterinary Technician at our Minneapolis hospital. She specializes in compulsively cleaning and sneaking in sassy comments.

Before working at Vet Partners, Megan spent time walking dogs (or letting them walk her), nursing baby mammals back to health at the WRC, and hanging out with owl monkeys at the DuMond Conservancy in Miami. Megan graduated from the University of Minnesota in the spring of 2019 with a bachelors degree in Animal Science. 

In her free time, Megan spends way too much money on coffee, listens to true crime podcasts, and enjoys weight lifting. 

Megan 2

Little Known Talents

Can fall asleep anywhere

Is always cold

Stress bakes

Keys to Megan’s Heart:

Food: Chocolate chip cookie dough

Music: Anything Lady Gaga

Experience: Hammocking


Zoey: Mini Goldendoodle – Loves eating carrots, getting as close to you as possible, and prances like a horse whenever she goes for a walk. She is well known for consuming 2lbs of chocolate at one time.