Veterinary Assistant

Clementine works as a Veterinary Assistant at our Minneapolis hospital. Clementine’s favorite part of her job is getting to work in a beautiful cross roads where she gets to joyfully greet and assist both unique pets and their humans! What a joy it is to get the opportunity to absorb all of the personality that goes into owning and caring for a pet. Her second favorite part of her job is being a part of a team filled with such compassion and pride. She said “it is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. This team makes everyday an amazing day to come to work!”

In her free time, Clementine is a film director. You can find her writing scripts, preparing for filming sessions, or studying influential cinema. Additionally, you can almost always find Clem in her home theater watching 70s French musicals or The Simpsons with her wonderful spouse.

Team Photos - MPLS 2021-17

Little Known Talents:

Has a head full of useless facts about the Dave Matthews Band

Must hold some kind of record for the most pumpkin spice coffee ever consumed in the whole worldOn an intense and personal journey to pet every dog in the whole world. I think I’m getting there, honestly.

Keys to Clementine’s Heart:

Food: Biscuits and gravy (vegan biscuits and mushroom gravy) with an iced honey oatmilk latte, made with a pumpkin spice brew – of course!

Music: The Dave Matthews Band is a very large and dorky key to my heart.

Experience: Sitting in a cinema eating popcorn and being absorbed by the powerful plot of a film I’ve never seen.

Animal: Jellyfish are the key that opens my heart’s door. I adore Jellyfish and their formless existence.


Info about your pets. Name, species/breed, a quick little “about”

Queenie: 120 pound Giant Schnauzer – Came to us from the streets of Mississippi. Her cowboy past consisted of evading capture several times, was on an animal wanted list for scrappin’ with other dogs, and eating every piece of trash she could possibly consume. During her final Mississippi capture, she was moved to a humane society in Minnesota where the rareness of her breed was not overlooked. She was adopted twice before she blessed our home. Both times she was returned for being “overwhelming”. The day we met Queenie she was graceful and mercilessly cuddly. She was a piece to our life’s puzzle that we didn’t even know we needed. Her days on the streets are behind her and she lives a spoiled and healthy life now, just as she deserves.

Niko: Bengal cat – I’ve had since I was very young. He was actually meant to be my mom’s, but since the day we brought him home he’s shown no interest in anyone except me. From my youth into now, Niko has followed me on my life’s journey and been present through every up and down. We share a unique bond where I feel he truly understands my emotions and knows when cuddles are necessary. To everyone else he seems to just want food and naps, but to me he’s an underestimated creature of kindness and empathy.

Katsumi: Katsumi is our terrible bridge troll. We very quickly rescued Katsumi from a home where she was not as loved as she should’ve been. Katsumi is a Bengal with a LOT of opinions and no interest in being anyone’s friend. Katsumi is 13 going on 80 and it shows. She can often be found hiding in the cracks between the couch cushions, eating Niko’s food and then immediately throwing it up, or screaming from the top of the stairs at nothing. We call her a bridge troll (or a goblin) because he back legs are bowed and her eyes are crossed, so she always looks a bit like a Dungeons & Dragons creature. While she is certainly filled with frustration towards our general existence, we love and cherish her and are blessed to have such a unique personality in our home.