Client Service Representative, Minneapolis

Grace works as a Client Service Representative at our Minneapolis hospital. Grace’s favorite part of her job is meeting so many friendly people and their sweet pets. Every day is different and there are so many learning opportunities.

Before working at Vet Partners, Grace spent her childhood in San Diego, California on the beach and interacting with every animal she could possibly find. At age 6, you could find her dragging kelp roots out of the surf and covering herself in the wiggling brittle stars Ishe found inside or scouring the tide pools for crabs, fish, and the occasional octopus. Her family moved and spent a short time in Bend, Oregon where she got her first horse. From there, her family moved to Omaha, Nebraska where she rode horses competitively, participated in various sports, and earned her International Baccalaureate Diploma upon graduating high school. Grace came to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota. She is currently wrapping up her degree in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation biology with minors in sustainability, environmental science & policy, and marine biology. She dipped her toes into the field of microbiology when working in a pancreatic cancer research lab and a tick-borne pathogen entomology lab, but the field is simply not for her. Grace thrives when working with animals, which lead her to an internship with the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota. That internship contributed to the best summer of her life and solidified her desire to pursue wildlife conservation. She worked for the past several years at SeaLife aquarium doing animal handling and education until her friend (an old coworker) urged her to apply at the vet clinic where she now works, and everything has fallen perfectly into place!!

In her free time, Grace can be found birdwatching and hiking around local parks, swimming in the lakes in the summertime, and caring for my houseplants.


Little Known Talents

Can untangle your most tangled cord

Can remember any (but mostly the unimportant) animal facts

Can recite the scientific name of most local fauna

Keys to Grace’s Heart:

Food: Miso soup and kimchee fried rice (with a soft-boiled egg, of course!)

Music: I go bonkers for The Neighborhood and Laura Les

Experience: Snorkeling with manta rays

Animal: Brown Thrasher


I have a lovely little kitty named Holly. She loves to sing, climb the walls, and steal her treat bags from the cleverest and hardest-to-reach hiding places (only to shred the bag to pieces and inhale every last treat).

I also have a California King Snake who goes by ‘snake’ and is a very shy little guy!