Veterinary Technician, Minneapolis

Jenn works as a Veterinary Assistant at our Minneapolis hospital. Jenn’s favorite part of her job is helping to strengthen the human-animal bond and being a source of comfort for anxious pets.

Before working at Vet Partners, Jenn

worked with primates for three years after graduating from the University of Maryland in 2018. Jenn is also currently a veterinary student at the University of Minnesota.

In her free time, Jenn can be found powerlifting at the St. Paul Gym, walking her adorable dog Rosie, or exploring Minnesota with her friends as a new-ish resident!

Jenn Novak

Little Known Talents

Perfecting the art of folding a fitted sheet

Sitting in the back middle seat of a car without complaining

Completing Wordle for a 100+ day streak

Keys to Jenn’s Heart:

Food: Chicken wings and chocolate chip cookies (or any type of cookie, who am I kidding?)

Music: 70’s classic rock and anything by Childish Gambino or Mac Miller

Experience: Getting accepted to veterinary school!

Animal: I am whole-heartedly a cat AND dog person


Rosie: Half Pittie, half Pekingese/Pomeranian/Mini Poodle (we did the DNA test) – Responds to “Doofus” and WILL eat anything off the ground without shame.