Veterinary Technician & Shift Lead, Minneapolis

Leena works as a Veterinary Technician and shift lead at our Minneapolis hospital.

Before working at Vet Partners, Leena graduated from university in the UK with a bachelor’s degree in Law and Japanese. After this, there were many twists and turns in her life. A couple of years ago she worked as a grooming assistant, where her interest in caring for animals grew stronger. She soon found her job at Vet Partners that continues to keep her inspired with her love of animals.

In her free time, Leena loves to cook, read, and watch crime shows.


Little Known Talents

Able to forget the main thing she went to the grocery store for

Can sniff out a snack anywhere.

Takes good photographs of bugs.

Keys to Leena’s Heart:

Food: Indian, sandwiches, maple syrup.

Experience: Anything food related and spending time with her husband and dog.

Animal: Birds of prey, crows, bats.


Nellie: Our sweet Pit Bull mix who loves running and snuggling. Nellie has a special smile outside of her regular one that is reserved only for us, which she greets us with every time we come home.