Certified Veterinary Technician, Osseo

Kelly is a Certified Veterinary Technician at our Osseo hospital. Kelly’s favorite part of her job is educating clients and learning something new every day.

Kelly knew at a very young age that she wanted to make a difference and be part of the veterinary industry, as her mom was an animal control officer and a dog breeder. Kelly started her veterinary technology degree at The Medical Institute of Minnesota in 1992. She also worked at a veterinary clinic and graduated and became certified in 1995. Before working at Vet Partners, Kelly worked at a couple different small animal and mixed practices, where she stayed for many years. She then became a veterinary instructor at a college teaching future vet techs. Kelly became a relief veterinary technician to help the veterinary industry during the pandemic and found her new home at Vet Partners. Kelly has worked with a wide variety of animals and exotics of many different species. She is the small critter and big bird handler go-to girl.

In her free time, you can find Kelly keeping busy with her four kids, husband, and pets. She also likes scrapbooking pictures, as she is a picture freak! She loves spending time in the sun, gardening, fishing, camping, and traveling with her family.

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Little Known Talents:

Annoying picture taker. I am that person who always has my camera with me wherever I go and love taking pictures.

Fantastic word scrambler. I often laugh at what comes out of my mouth as I tend to scramble my words.

Great cook and food pusher.

Keys to Kelly’s Heart:

Food: Pizza and ice cream

Music: Country and a 80’s girl through and through

Experience: I Love to travel! Cruises are my favorite!

Animal: My favorite animal has always been the horse. Still dreaming of owning one someday!


Benny: Golden Retriever – The best dog ever, but he is very ball obsessed and that gets annoying.

Willie: Boarder Collie/Beagle, mixed rescue – Has proven to be the most challenging, most expensive, and most lovable dog I have ever owned.

Dory: We are down to one cat, who wakes me up every single night to snuggle.

Hamsters: We have two, who are cute and fun to watch.