Veterinary Technician, Plymouth Urgent Care Team & Osseo

Andrea works as a Veterinary Technician with our Plymouth Urgent Care Team and at our Osseo hospital. Andrea’s favorite part of her job is providing quality care for pets and their families, and helping them get better and stay happy and healthy!

Before working at Vet Partners, Andrea graduated from St. Catherine University with a bachelors degree in Biology, focusing in pre-vet. She previously worked as a veterinary technician at another animal hospital and volunteered and interned at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota. Andrea recently applied to veterinary school and plans to soon earn her DVM degree.

In her free time, you can find Andrea at the gym, dog park, adventuring, or at home with her fiancé and 4 pups.

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Little Known Talents:

Master gift giver

Talent for getting a new dog each time she moves

Expected to be running late to anything 97% of the time

Keys to Andrea’s Heart:

Food: Tacos, poké bowls and sushi, bubble tea, Punch Pizza, apple pie

Music: Acoustic, Country, Rock, Pop, Christmas music

Experience: Traveling

Animal: Anything cute and squishy


Sadie: Rottweiler Lab mix – the boss

Bruce: XL bully – Big, crazy baby

Louie: Pocket bully – Actual baby, goofy, and silly. Mama’s boy

Nina: Pocket bully – Sassy and sleepy princess