Certified Veterinary Technician, Edina

PJ works as a Certified Veterinary Technician at our Edina hospital. PJ’s favorite part of her job is connecting with pets and their people to help them live happy, healthy lives together. She also loves answering questions and soothing any worries that may be had to build long lasting relationships between pet parents and their best friends.

Before working at Vet Partners, PJ attended Rochester Community and Technical College where she obtained her associates veterinary technician degree before she became board certified in May of 2016.

In her free time, PJ can be found dancing every chance she gets and watching horror movies with her cats. She loves to read and paint. She also spends time training her dog Charlie in nose work.


Little Known Talents

Making Mac and Cheese perfectly without needing the box for directions

Holding full conversations using only movie quotes

Can hear a candy wrapper being opened a mile away

Keys to PJ’s Heart:

Food: Pickles

Music: Motown, 80s, 90’s and country

Animal: Elephants


Charlie: Adventurous German Shepherd – Professional hole digger and lover of all. Personal boundaries are non-existent in Charlie’s world.

Fatcat: Long Haired Tabby – Old lady tabby who prefers naps and never misses a meal.

Vader: Big and cuddly panther cat.

Betty White: Trouble-making calico.