Associate DVM, Plymouth

Dr. Amanda Beyer works as an Associate DVM at our Plymouth hospital. Dr. Beyer’s favorite part of her job is helping owners find solutions and treatments to better their pets’ health and lives together.

Before working at Vet Partners, Dr. Beyer earned her DVM from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in the eastern Caribbean islands. She has been lucky to travel to Guatemala and western Mexico on spay/neuter service trips. Dr. Beyer started working in mixed animal medicine in South Dakota and continued in Wisconsin after veterinary school. She transitioned into small animal medicine, including emergency and urgent care, four years ago in Wisconsin and recently relocated back to the cities!

In her free time, Dr. Beyer can be found taking the dogs (Ducky and Bo) on adventures such as hikes and paddle boarding. Her and her husband also love to stay in and snuggle with their two dogs and 3 cats in front of the fire.

Dr. Amanda Beyer

Little Known Talents:

Excellent peeling of board decals for the trendy wood and board art

Has a lovely mom voice that apparently shows when giving direction

Acquiring a husband that never says no to more animals

Keys to Dr. Beyer’s Heart:

Food: Tacos

Music: any Shania Twain anthem

Experience: Traveling

Animal: French bulldog


Ducky: A true island dog – I acquired her while in vet school in 2015 and she is the tiny guard dog of the house.

Bo: 50/50 Lab x Hound mix – A couple years later we adopted Bo, also from vet school, who is the biggest lover on the planet. All you have to do is say his name and his tail wags.

Gus: Our oldest cat – We found Gus on an externship at Vet Partners in Plymouth! He is the emo child that sits in the dark and stairs at us.

Cleo and Tito: Two more cats we acquired through my work. They are the babies of the family.

Eva: The chinchilla – Is the sassiest of them all and keeps the 75 pound dog in line.

Merryweather, Flora, and Fauna: Our three ducks