Veterinary Assistant, Plymouth

Chelsea works as a Veterinary Assistant at Vet Partners in Plymouth. Chelsea’s favorite part of her job is assisting in helping fur babies stay happy and healthy and to have the opportunity to expand her knowledge in veterinary medicine.

Before working at Vet Partners, Chelsea graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. She previously had jobs at boarding facilities and vet clinics. Chelsea is originally from Michigan, but her dad was in the military, so she has lived a few different places.

In her free time, you can find Chelsea spoiling and working with her dogs, drinking lots of coffee, baking and decorating cookies, oh…and hanging with her hubs.


Little Known Talents:

Really good at collecting and finding great Starbucks tumblers

Obsessed with all things Batman

Have a sick shoe collection

Keys to Chelsea’s Heart:

Food: Spaghetti (Pasta Lover)

Music: Country/Rap/Heavy Metal

Experience: Beach or Poolside

Animal: Tiny squish-faces (Frenchies)


Moose: German Shorthaired Pointer 6 years old. He is the biggest baby, but best snuggle buddy. Would most definitely play fetch forever if you let him. Also has a blast playing with the hose and will cry obnoxiously when you turn it off. Has an old man soul.

Bear: German Shorthaired Pointer 4 years old. He is great at following me every where I go (True definition of a velcro dog). Has taught me so much about how to help a dog with anxiety. Loves treats and will stop any- thing and everything he is doing for treats. Is extremely good at nose work.

Theodore aka T-Nutty: French Bulldog, a year old. Eating in my house has become a battle because he loves all food. Loves playing/wrestling with his best pal, Bear. Wins loudest snoring award. Sun bathing is must and will stay outside all day if you let him. Spicy level 10 on this one.