Client Service Representative, Plymouth

Cyndy works as a Client Service Representative at Vet Partners in Plymouth. Cyndy’s favorite part of her job is assisting clients with appointments and talking with them about their pets.

Before working at Vet Partners, Cyndy was an inside sales rep.

In her free time, Cyndy can be found walking her dogs and riding her horses.

Team Photos - Plymouth Spring-8

Little Known Talents:

Remembers phone numbers without trying forever!

Loves gardening, but have a brown thumb!

If something/someone scares her, she jumps out of her boots and does what her husband and friends call the “Cyndy-hop”

Keys to Cyndy’s Heart:

Food: Pizza and Dark Chocolate

Music: Country

Experience: White water rafting

Animal: Dog


Maizey: Catahoula Leopard Dog – Loves going for walks and looking out the window from the sofa guarding her house and people

Reno: Blue Heeler – Also loves walks and his frisbee and playing with the horses jolly ball.

Slider: Quarter horse – Loves to eat and trail ride

Mac: Paint horse – Whinnies at us when he wants us to let him out in another pasture