Certified Veterinary Technician, Plymouth

Holly works as a Certified Veterinary Technician at our Plymouth hospital. Holly’s favorite part of her job is being a voice for animals.

Before working at Vet Partners, Holly received her degree as a veterinary technician and worked at AERC overnights in the ER/ICU.

In her free time you can find Holly spending time with her family or hiking with her dog while listening to true crime podcasts.

Plymouth Employee Photos 11-2021-6

Little Known Talents:

Most indecisive decision maker on the planet

Could probably win an oreo eating contest!

Terrible facial expression hider

Keys to Holly’s Heart:

Food: Oreos

Experience: New adventures inside or out (bouldering, hiking, gym sessions)

Animal: Her Golden Retrievers


Zoe: Golden Retriever – She’s perfect 🧡

Bazinga: Dilute Calico – sasspants