Patient Care Coordinator, Plymouth

Sarah works as the Patient Care Coordinator at our Plymouth hospital. Sarah’s favorite part of her job is helping clients gain a better understanding of veterinary medicine!

Before working at Vet Partners, Sarah graduated the Medical Institute of Minnesota in 2002. She began working at the University of Minnesota and remained there for almost 20 years. Over her time there, she held many positions and covered many areas of the hospital. Her final position was their phone triage nurse. She is excited to start a new path as part of the Vet Partners team!

In her free time, Sarah can be found hanging with her family and training or riding her horse.

Sarah P

Little Known Talents:

She is a tarot card reader.

Keys to Sarah’s Heart:

Food: Thai food

Music: Loves all music

Animal: Anything to do with horses


Golden Lab – Is the the most exuberantly affectionate dog I have ever met.

Siamese Mix – Very loving but very mischievous.

Draft Cross Horse – Is five years old and has the personality of a puppy dog.