Website & Design Manager, All Locations

Sabrina works as a Website & Design Manager for all our Vet Partners locations. She was also a veterinary technician at our Plymouth hospital for many years and still steps into that role from time time. Sabrina’s favorite part of her job is connecting with clients, snuggling patients, using technical skills, client education, and getting the opportunity to be creative.

Before working at Vet Partners, Sabrina completed her bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and Architecture. Her passion for animals and desire to learn more about their health started her down the path as a Veterinary Technician. Sabrina worked at a busy, small animal clinic for many years, then came to Vet Partners where she is able to create a deeper connection with clients, while also being creative.

In her free time, Sabrina loves spending her days snuggling with her cats and going on adventures around the city with her husband, Matt, and dog, Sully. Sabrina has her own lifestyle photography business, loves to travel, and goes to as many Justin Timberlake concerts as possible.


Little Known Talents:

Finding all the travel deals to make yearly Hawaii trips possible

Discovering the best restaurants in any city

Sending emails without attachments

Getting to the airport at the last minute and still making the flight

Keys to Sabrina’s Heart:

Food: Fresh fruit (especially pineapple), Olives, Cheesecake without crust

Music: Justin Timberlake.

Experience: Exploring all of the Hawaiian Islands and getting to shake Justin Timberlake’s hand!

Animal: Cats – Rusty Spotted Wildcat (and all cats in general) and Red Pandas


Finnegan: Brown Tabby. Loves puncturing his catnip toys with his giant cat teeth. Chews on cardboard, paper, or really anything when he’s hungry to get attention.

Odin: Snowshoe. Can’t stand closed doors – he has almost figured out how to open them. Has a very loud kitten-piched meow and is very talkative – you always know what he’s thinking.

Sullivan: German Shepherd, Swiss Mt. Dog mix. Favorite treats are bananas and Chapstick. Hates water, loves snow. Begs to go upstairs to bed around 10 pm. Always knows when we’re leaving and puts himself in his kennel.