Dr. Groth truly has our pet’s best interest at heart!

Dr. Groth has been Paige’s vet since I took her home with me 7 years ago. She has always been happy and eager to go to her appointments with him. At the mention of his name when I get her leash, her happy meter begins going back and forth, faster and faster. We happily made the smooth transition from Banfield in Eagan so that Paige can continue to see the vet she knows and trusts. It makes me, her owner, confident and happy because she trusts him and is happy and I have learned over these years that Dr. Groth truly has her best interest at heart and in his hands. He is very compassionate in the work he does, taking time to explain and show everything going on with Paige.

I have learned and continue to learn so much information about dogs, in general, from Dr. Groth through his patient and caring training that he gives and recommends. He has also seen some of the foster dogs I’ve fostered and taken in along with Paige at times. You won’t be disappointed in taking your beloved companion animal all their life…make Vet Partners your choice today!

Mary Sterns