Veterinary Technician, Edina

Grace works as a Veterinary Technician at our Edina hospital. Grace’s favorite part of her job is getting to help pets everyday and learning something new while she does it.

Before working at Vet Partners, Grace managed a housekeeping team at Boyne Resorts in Big Sky, Montana.

In her free time, Grace can be found hanging out with her dog.

Team Photos - Edina 2021-10

Little Known Talents:

Professional stool racer

Avid good/bad movie cinema buff

Super doggie best friend

Keys to Grace’s Heart:

Food:  Peanut butter anything!

Music: 80s Synthwave

Experience: Long hikes in the mountains

Animal: Red Pandas


“Beatrice Beef Cakes” or “Beatrice”: American Staffordshire Terrier – I found her as a stray during a cold January and bringing her home was the best decision I have ever made.