Client Service Representative, Edina

Quinn works as a Client Service Representative at our Edina hospital. Quinn’s favorite part of her job is being able to build relationships with all the pets that come in, seeing them grow up, and loving them through every milestone!

Before working at Vet Partners, Quinn was a DSP worker, supporting vulnerable or disabled individuals build essential life skills.

In her free time, Quinn can be found sorting through local vintage shops and faking a British accent in Fresh Thyme.

Team Photos - Edina 2021-13

Little Known Talents:

I am a parseltongue

Really good at walking into a room and forgetting why I’m there

I can make my coffee last all day if I sip slow enough

Keys to Quinn’s Heart:

Food: Authentic Indian Food, Vegan Soul Food, Tasting Menus

Music: Femme Punk and Oldies

Experience: To try all of the street food that I can in Vietnam and to hold hands while strolling about the streets of Japan during cherry blossom season

Animal: Lions, Snakes, and Cassowaries


Finicky: Pitty/Lab mix, ginger like his mommy! Terrified of unfamiliar staircases, champion of eating scraps off of the counter, would risk it all to play fetch- even if the stick is nothing more than a woodchip. Sheds all over my bed so that little bits of him can come with me wherever I go!

Shnook: Spider Ball Python: A bit dopey, loves walks during golden hour to say hi to all the neighborhood kids! Would rather hide under a piece of bark that’s too small for him than in his nice plastic dome. Will rearrange the plants in his vivarium by knocking them all over (but swears it’s prettier this way).

Bear: Lab/Shepherd Mix: The biggest boy, and a little lumpy. Favorite snack is water from the toilet, convinced that leaves are attacking the house. Spends his days sitting atop our hill and peering out into the woods, clearly contemplating complex scholarly theories on how to get both a treat and your dinner.