Veterinary Technician

Sami works as a Veterinary Assistant at our Edina hospital. She specializes in all things shepherds! She loves any shepherd or shepherd mix, they have a special place in her heart. Her favorite part of her job is getting to interact with all the patients, and getting to know clients.

Before working at Vet Partners, Sami worked as a veterinary assistant at previous small animal clinics, and has since graduating high school.

In her free time, Sami enjoys spending time with her animals, and being out at the barn with her horses, or competing at barrel races on the weekends in the summer.

Edina Employees - Sami

Little Known Talents:

Binge Watching TV shows without getting bored
I can take a nap anywhere
I can get bucked off a horse and land on my feet.

Keys to Sami’s Heart:

Food:  Watermelon

Music: Country

Experience:  Horseback riding

Animal: Horses


Emma: 12 year old Bichon cross. She is the fluffiest little dog with the bark of a German Shepherd.
Mouse: 3 year old grey domestic shorthair. She loves to have conversations with you.
Taz: 2 year old grey tabby cat who loves to be chased around the house. It’s his favorite game.
JJ: 10 year old bay Quarter Horse, she loves to run. She competes in barrel racing competitions.
Chili Pepper: 3 month old Sorrel Quarter horse, he is JJ’s first foal! He was born this spring. He is full of spice, hence the name Chili Pepper!