Veterinary Technician

Elvira works as a veterinary technician at our Edina hospital. She specializes in building relationships with clients and patients, and loves to fo blood draws and place catheters for surgery.

Before working at Vet Partners, Elvira earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in California. After graduating from the University of Dominguez Hills, Elvira moved to MN to live close to her family and worked at a different veterinary clinic for 6 years before making her start at Vet Partners.

In her free time, Elvira likes to try out new cooking and baking recipes and try out new restaurants and breweries with her fiancé. Her favorite genre of books are autobiographies and enjoys Sudoku puzzle books as well.


Little Known Talents:

Creating awesome food dishes without a recipe book or guidance

Singing/Talking with her mouth closed (YouTube this)

Belly dancing

Keys to Elvira’s Heart:

Food:  Lo Mein and Kung Pao chicken, Flaming Hot Cheetos, french fries, nacho cheese, tacos, fruit with lime juice and salt, limes, all food except for pickles and mustard.

Music: 90s Pop and R&B, Oldies, Bruno Mars

Experience: Visiting any and all beaches – recently was able to enjoy the beaches in the Cayman Islands, Roatan Island, Belize, and Cozumel – beautiful scenery!

Animal: Cows- all kinds, MN State Fair time is the best time of the year – calves <3


Vira: DSH Tuxedo – Vira (pronounced “Vee-Rah”) is a snuggly, catnip loving tuxedo and is Elvira’s soulmate as they both enjoy sunbathing, naps, and snacking. Fun fact, Vira was originally named “Elvira” by her fosters. It was meant to be!

Bannon: Dilute Black & White Siberian Husky – Always has a lot to say, especially when ambulance sirens go off, and is a major mama’s boy. He loves going out for walks and smelling every flower and tree. Peanut butter is his ultimate favorite treat.