D R . J E N N A   C A R L S O N

Associate DVM, Edina

Dr. Jenna Carlson works as an Associate DVM at our Edina hospital. Dr. Carlson’s favorite part of her job is the expansive variety of general practice, but kisses from patients are a close second!

Before working at Vet Partners, Dr. Carlson obtained her undergraduate degree in Animal Science from the University of Minnesota. She went on to graduate from the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine, in 2017 and was inducted into the veterinary honors society Phi Zeta Kappa. She began her career as a veterinary technician in a busy small animal practice in 2011, then joined Vet Partners Pet Hospital in the spring of 2018.

In her free time, Dr. Carlson likes to garden, listen to music, and spend time with her husband around the lakes.

Why did you become a vet?

I never seriously considered doing anything else! This profession called to me from a very early age, and I’m so grateful to be able to do what I love with such intensity. There also may be a slight correlation between that “why” developing and the release of the movie Turner and Hooch in 1989.

Dr. Carlson

Little Known Talents:

Able to sling back caffeine until the exact moment of falling asleep

Clean-freak extraordinaire at home, but inexplicably always driving a dirty car

Amateur zookeeper of two dogs, three cats, a bird, and a snake

Keys to Dr. Carlson’s Heart:

Food: Breakfast for dinner

Music: Phish

Experience: Puppy breath!

Animal: Can’t pick just one, that’s torture!


Halley’s Comet: Shih Tzu mix – LIVES for fetch. Accumulates owl toys, and is very proud of her collection. Will throw them at your face if you’re not paying enough attention.

Farfel: Shepherd mix – Enjoys scaring visitors with his extremely intimidating bark, sneaking under the covers at night, and removing all stuffing from toys. …but his favorite hobby is loudly clanging the food dish whenever empty.

Cavern: Shorhair Tuxedo Cat – Loves drinking out of sinks, snuggles, and going crazy over catnip. Proud mouse catcher, and best cat ever.

Bug: Long Haired Orange Cat – Thinks soft bites are a form of affection. Will eat any and all human food. Proudest moment was knocking an entire plate of pasta out of her mom’s hands.

Frankie: Munchkin Cat – Formerly known as the one who pees everywhere. Is a total champ for her daily medications. Loves showing off her tummy and lounging like a boss.

Quinn the Eskimo: Bird – Hobbies include landing on heads and laughing, chasing Cavern with his mating dance, and throwing seed. Loves back rubs and bath time.

Carini: Snake – Very stoic. Spends most of her time basking. Perks up significantly when the smell of food is around. Has lightning fast reflexes. Hates nose boops.