D R . K E L L Y   L E S S A R D

Associate DVM, Plymouth

Dr. Kelly Lessard works as an associate veterinarian at our Plymouth location. Dr. Lessard’s favorite part of her job is…Eyeballs. Yep, she’s passionate about all things ophthalmology. This, of course, is in addition to her love of working with all animals (especially our rescue friends), senior/end-of-life care, dermatology and diagnostic imaging. She is certified in Fear Free handling and strives to make all of our patients relaxed and comfortable during their visits.

Before working at Vet Partners, she completed both her undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Minnesota and worked at a local small animal hospital. Prior to veterinary school, her former career was working amongst exotic animals!

In her free time, she can be found searching for the best cup of coffee, trying desperately to take a nap, binge-watching Netflix, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, admiring wildlife, fostering rescue pets (especially ones with special needs) and trying ad nauseam to attract hummingbirds to her backyard.

Kelly 1

Little Known Talents:

Justifying the purchase of any and all shoes

Over-analyzing even the smallest of details

Constantly losing her glasses, but doing so with a great deal of humor

Networking, which makes sense as she loves PR

Keys to Dr. Lessard’s Heart:

Food: Fettucine Alfredo with Sauteed Mushrooms

Music: Hip hop, rap, classical, and rock (bonus points for Lenny Kravitz)

Experience: Remembering all of her travels with her beloved dog and life BFF, Kramer

Animal: Manatees, hummingbirds and moose


In loving memory: Kramer and Chassis

Sparrow: Senior chiweenie – Newly adopted. Small in stature, occasionally big on drama. Not a fan of winter. World-class snuggle bug.

Hannah: Senior tortie – Large in stature, larger on drama. Likes to wake the house up at 3 a.m. for fun.

Kevin: Senior guinea pig – Blind in one eye (ironic, as Dr. Lessard loves ophthalmology). Very smart. Also loves watching Netflix. Runs to the front of his house for a treat when the vacuum starts.

Enzo: Senior rabbit – Very smart. Very naughty. Has perfected the 95-mph house zoomie.

Scotti Biscotti and Cleo: Senior Hamsters (housed separately, of course) – Cleo is beautiful, and very picky. Scotti is the world’s gentlest and sleepiest hammie.