A M Y   R O S S

Practice Manager, Osseo

Amy is the Practice Manager at our Osseo hospital. Amy’s favorite part of her job is speaking for pets and educating owners.

Amy graduated from UW-River Falls with a degree in Biology, Genetics, and Microbiology. She was previously a groomer and managed a pet store.

In her free time, you can find Amy at dog shows, agility trials, and herding trials

Team Photos - Osseo Spring-7

Little Known Talents:

Superb ability to remember completely useless facts

Professional movie line reciter

Master level dog show van tetris player

Keys to Amy’s Heart:

Food: Pizza, tacos, chocolate, coffee

Music: Country music

Experience: Hiking in the mountains

Animal: Collies!


Aries: Rough Collie – Silver Grand Champion, superb snuggle buddy

Lark: Rough Collie – smart and sass. He and Aries are Most Versatile Collie qualifiers!

Miata: the talker

Nora: Professional couch weight

Vega: Smooth Collie – Ruler of the toy box

Viper: The bull in the china shop, but super sweet