Certified Veterinary Technician, Plymouth Urgent Care Team

Sheree works as a Certified Veterinary Technician at our Plymouth hospital, with the urgent care team. Sheree’s favorite part of her job is anesthesia.

Before working at Vet Partners, Sheree worked at a day practice, working on vaccinations and sterilizations of dogs, cats, and rabbits.

In her free time, Sheree practices for Sporting Clays/FITASC tournaments.

Sheree 2

Little Known Talents:

Can create nystagmus at-will

Will try all dog and cat foods to find out their palatability

Master of making epic messes

Keys to Sheree’s Heart:

Her family! Fur-babies and humans


She has a lot of TNR (trap neuter release) cats at all times. Most have no names, but they are all well-loved and cared for until the day they are turned loose.